Celebrated media personality, Cynthia Tima Yeboah famed Tima Kumkum, has shared a harrowing experience of how she narrowly escaped death due to complications arising from G6PD deficiency during her pregnancy.

She recounted how she was unaware of her G6PD deficiency for almost 25 years, leading to numerous health challenges throughout her life.

She revealed that, her condition remained undiagnosed until she was pregnant with her son, Jayden.

During her pregnancy, Tima said she got an infection and sought medication from her midwife, unaware of the potential dangers posed by certain drugs due to her G6PD deficiency.

Despite experiencing alarming symptoms, including bleeding, she initially dismissed them as common pregnancy issues.

However, she said her condition worsened rapidly and put her and the unborn baby at risk.

Tima was referred to three different hospitals before she underwent an emergency caesarian surgery to save both herself and her baby.

“During my 3rd trimester around almost 40 weeks, I had infection so I went to visit my midwife and she gave me medicine in the afternoon only for me to start bleeding in the night. I was quickly rushed to the hospital and unfortunately pharmacies were on strike then so they kept referring me from Korle-Bu to 37 then finally to Ridge hospital. The doctor told us that if I’m not rushed to a private hospital, I might lose my life and that of the baby because all government hospitals can’t do a CS and my condition required one. I was rushed to Lapaz Community hospital and within a few minutes Jayden came out.”

After the surgery, she said the doctor diagnosed that she suffered an abnormal haemorrhage, as the Sulphur-based drug was pushing her placenta out.

“I realized I almost caused my own death but thank God I was saved last minute. How I survived for the past 25 years of my life without knowing I had the defect and was taking sulfur-based medications and using sulfur-based stuff in my daily life is just a miracle” Tima recounted.

Reflecting on her ordeal, Tima advocated for awareness and education about G6PD deficiency.

She urged individuals to get tested for the condition and to educate themselves about its implications.

Tima’s near-death experience has inspired her to establish the Tima Kumkum Foundation in 2018, dedicated to raising awareness about G6PD deficiency and providing support to affected individuals.