Michael Blackson

Hollywood actor Michael Blackson, who has added his voice to the ongoing #FixTheCountryNow hashtag trending on social media, has bemoaned the outrageous prices of houses in Ghana.

According to him, having stayed in the country for months, he has realised that houses on sale had prices that were higher than those being sold in Atlanta, a populous city in the U.S.A. state of Georgia.

In a series of tweets, Michael Blackson compared the two continents, adding that African leaders must pay heed to the needs of their citizens who pay taxes than spend on themselves.

The richest people in Africa are the government officials but in America, I know beeches on only fans that make way more than Joe Biden. If the average income is less than $200 a month, don’t try to charge me $200 to drive me around for the day because you think I have money. #FixAfrica

We need to fix Africa. Houses in Ghana costs more than Atlanta but average income is less than what a crackhead gets on the street.

michael blackson

The actor said he couldn’t comprehend why affordable houses being built by the government weren’t affordable for the average citizen.

I’m so confused with what’s going on in West Africa; if the average income is $100-$200 a month, why aren’t there affordable homes with mortgages ranging from $25-$50 a month?

What we need most is Education, HealthCare, Jobs and affordable housing for the less fortunate. To be a leader of any country you have to be selfless, you have to care about the women and kids on the streets begging for money as if they are your family. #FixAfrica

As much as I hate taxes I think our continent needs a tax system so that money can help the less fortunate. Too many things are wrong in my continent and we all need to come together and fix this, he demanded.