Jaws of ex VIP member, Promzy’s fans dropped when they sighted his latest photo on social media.

Promzy, years after going dead silent, has announced a major comeback, not just in music but to overtake his position as one of the sexiest musicians the country has ever had.


Nothing was heard of Emmanuel Promzy Ababio after he split from the VIP group consisting of Lazzy and Prodigal, over obvious irreconcilable differences.

His position was filled by Reggie Rockstone, and the group was rebranded to VVIP.

But, Promzy is back! He entreated his fans to brace themselves for hits as his current warm up period is over.


He displayed his new look in three photos he posted, which reveals he is absolutely different from his peak days.

Promzy, hitherto a hairy man, has gone bald, except for one strand of dreadlock hanging to the side of his head.

His bushy beard has been trimmed down, leaving the attention to his heavily built physique.


Promzy has inked more tattoos, covering all his hands and back.

His female fans have gushed over him, as they make their undying love known.