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Ghanaians clubs need financial support to perform at continental stage – Coach Zito


Coach of Dreams FC, Abdul Karim Zito is calling on the government to offer enough financial support to Ghanaian clubs who qualify to play at the continent stage.

Dreams FC represented Ghana in the 2023/24 CAF Confederations Cup competition and made it to the semifinal on their debut appearance.

The Dawu-based club were eliminated by the 2019 champions and five-time champions of Africa, Zamalek on a 3-0 aggregate.

Sharing his thoughts on their African journey, Coach Zito who was guest on Luv Fm’s Kickoff show, maintained that until the government injects massive financial support to clubs, Ghanaian teams will continue to struggle in continental competitions.

“It was not easy seriously playing in Africa, when you look at the other teams we played, their governments are helping them. And again, seriously I’m pleading with the government to come to the aid of Ghana football or else we will not go anywhere.

“If the government doesn’t come in, for me we should stop football for at least ten years and bring all the stakeholders on board to fashion out what to do to make the teams sustainable financially. Because of what I saw at other countries and venues, in Tunisia for instance in the dressing room they have a swimming pool just for ice bath, just imagine this. In Angola the coaches’ office alone is more than a dressing room of a club in Ghana. We really have a long way to go if we want to make an impression on the continent,” Zito stressed.

Zito, who has been with Dreams FC for over a decade, suggested that if governments are not willing to finance the teams, they can find other ways like giving multinational companies tax rebates and in return expect these companies to sponsor clubs on continental assignments.

“Government can talk to the Coca Cola Company in Ghana [for instance] and tell them I want you to sponsor the league or our clubs, then we [government] offer you tax subsidies or exemptions. When this happens players, salary will increase, and the boys will be okay to stay to make the local game attractive.

“How can a premier division player be earning Gh500.00? If the government doesn’t come in, I’m telling you we are doomed when it comes to football on the continent,” observed the coach.

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