President of Ghana Drunkards Association (GDA), Moses Drybone
President of Ghana Drunkards Association (GDA), Moses Drybone | credit: @kofitv

The president of the Ghana Drunkards Association of Ghana, Moses Drybone, says the association’s latest ‘e-drinking’ policy will save lots of lives.

According to him, the number of members who get injured as a result of drinking has surged due to the inability of some ‘drunkards’ to return home safely after drinking in pubs.

He explained that the attempt to resolve the menace has birthed the e-drinking initiative that will serve respective customers in their homes through a fast-delivery service.

Some of our members find it difficult to cross roads when they are drunk, due to that, we are bringing e-drinking into the system to prevent possible accidents. You can download Ghana Drunkard association at the app store. We will use GPS to locate and deliver the drinks and even shots that people request for,” Mr Drybone said in an interview on Kofi TV.

One thing members must notice, however, is that we are using the Ghana card. We shall use it to identify those who order for drinks in order to know their age limits, he warned.

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