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The President of Drunkards Association of Ghana, Moses Onyah, has appealed to the government for insurance cover for all members.

“Alcohol is now very expensive, so 40 percent of 6.6 million members in the country are no longer buying,” he said.

He said taxes imposed on various alcoholic beverages are exorbitant.

Speaking to Adom News, he lamented that though the price of alcohol is high, some local drinks in the country, patronised by his members have been damaging the physical appearance of many individuals.

Mr Onyah, thus, called on the government to help initiate insurance cover for members to help visit the hospitals for regular checks.

According to him, the insurance will guarantee their safety to drink responsibly and enable the government to generate more revenue for the country.


“It is important for the government to provide responsibility insurance for them that will serve as an incentive package for members who drink responsibly,” he added.

He urged the government to help reduce the high rate of deaths among drunkards.