Former Militants of Dancehall King, Shatta Wale, have, for the first time, revealed the true meaning of their stage names.

William Addy, Jafaro Mohammed and Melvin, Natty Lee, Addi Self and Joint 77 respectively took up their stage names in a bid to be easily identified and to connect with their fans.

Gracing the studios of Adom TV for the weekend entertainment show, Ahosepe Xtra, ex-Militant Joint 77 told host Sister Sandy that his name Joint 77 was unplanned.

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He said the number 7 is his favourite because “it is a great number, very powerful. So imagine it being double.”

Rather than use the term ‘double’, he opted for joint and included 77. In it’s simplicity, Joint 77 means double silencer.

Natty Lee also hinted that he earned the name from his ‘ghetto’ times when he used to wear dreadlocks.

According to him, any ‘Rastafarian’ is Natty, in street language, and he added Lee to make it juicier.

Despite chopping off his dreadlocks, Natty has maintained the name which his fans have now connected to.

Addi Self had a rather interesting explanation for his name. It is just a shortened form of Addicted to Myself.

This, he said, he adopted after he identified his true purpose in life.

Addi Self also stated that it is to motivate people to accept and remind themselves that they are enough.