Ghanaian actor cum tailor, Elikem Kumordzi | Photo: @elikemkumordzie/ Instagram

Ghanaian fashion designer and popular media personality Elikem Kurmodzie has lashed out at a Zimbabwean media house over the last minute cancellation of his interview.

In a post apologizing to his fans on why he was not present at Star FM, Elikem the tailor said agreements were sealed for him to grace the show, but he had a call last minute to not show up.

Per information he received, Elikem alleged the manager of the station indicated his hands are tied as the decision is “an order from above”.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, most of you know that I was supposed to be on Star FM to have an interview at 7p.m but it has been cancelled, why? I’m not too sure, but I got a call from Ollah himself and another manager guy talking about the show is cancelled, the manager guy said to me he got a phone call from the top that we cannot go ahead with the show, he apologized greatly, and so I apologize to you as well. I’m totally dumbfounded, I’m shocked, I don’t know what to say.”

Elikem believes the cancellation is a means of gagging him from speaking on the national issues in Zimbabwe, after he was lashed out for a comment he had earlier made.

However, he defended that the interview was solely to sell himself and his brand, adding that he had no plans of speaking on anything concerning the Zimbabwe country.

He indicated he is “angry and dumbfounded” by the incident.

Kurmodzie recently landed in the country to spend the festive season with his son Tristan.

Kurmodzie shares a son with popular Zimbabwean socialite, Pokello Nare, whom he married and divorced.