Presenter Delay | Photo source: @delayghana
Presenter Delay | Photo source: @delayghana

Presenter Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay, has responded to a fan who teased her for being single minutes after she reacted to reports concerning her alleged new boyfriend.

Delay’s status on social media turned green when online reports emerged that she was teasing fans about her new boyfriend.

She addressed the reports by denying the rumours coined from her earlier Instagram post where she posted a photo of someone she described as being “close to her heart”.

I miss you so much babe. You’re always on my mind. You’re my one true love. Remember that my love for you is in a place where there’s no space or time, is the post in reference.


Shortly after the reports emerged, however, Delay wrote: My last post made the headlines, and I wasn’t even talking about a boyfriend 🤦🏻 Mabre ooo.

The latest post then prompted a social media user, Sarpong Adriana, to also post a sarcastic, asking, Na awala boy nu ewobi, which translates into the ‘Twi’ parlance as do you even have a boyfriend? [sic]

Adriana’s post drew perhaps got on the nerves of Delay so she asked: even you, you think someone wants you!

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