File photo: Cheating notice

From Apple’s Siri to Amazon’s Alexa , smart assistants are now a key feature of many people’s daily lives.

Now, one woman claims that her smart assistant has helped her to catch her husband cheating.

The woman, known only by her reddit handle ‘beckystone1991’, says that her Amazon Echo speaker secretly recorded sex sessions between her husband and another woman.

On Reddit , she explained: “Ten months ago husband (34m) left myself (32f) and six month old baby daughter. Long and short of it is he had a brief emotional affair with a woman at work (or so he said).

“Found out today it’s been going on the whole time he has been stringing me along and getting me to fight for our family. When we were in therapy. Everything. All lies.”

Alexa has been a success but giving it sensitive data isn't advisable

Becky discovered the recordings while setting up her new speaker, which was linked to her husband’s.

She added: “I found out because I bought a new amazon Alexa and while setting it up realised his is linked via our family prime account.

“Found in the history ‘Alexa play beautiful loves songs’ followed by the sound of them having sex.”

If you use an Alexa-enabled speaker, thankfully there’s an easy way to listen to the recordings of your conversations, and then delete them for good.

However, before you go ahead and delete your recordings, it’s good to be aware exactly why Amazon uses them in the first place.