Picture from the video footage

Some Kenyans have been filmed escaping from a coronavirus quarantine centre after scaling a wall in attempts to flee.

“We know you and we will find you, you will be hunted down and sent back there,” President Uhuru Kenyatta said, adding that the escapees were putting the lives of others at risk.

Meanwhile, some citizens in forced quarantine have been complaining about poor conditions.

They say some centres are not much better than prisons, with poor hygiene and complaints that social distancing is impossible because of overcrowding.

Others are angered about having to pay for their confinement, which costs between $20 and $100 a night – depending on the centre.

Meanwhile, in the latset development, Police in Kenya have arrested two people who escaped from a coronavirus quarantine centre in the capital, Nairobi.

They were among dozens of others who were filmed jumping over a wall of the quarantine centre, drawing public condemnation.


The two were arrested while drinking at a bar in Roysambu area, north of the city, and were taken back to the quarantine centre.

During their arrest they said they had planned the escape as no testing was being conducted on them.

They also said the order to foot their bills during their enforced confinement was a factor as they could afford the money.

Kenya’s Citizen TV shared a video of the two talking to reporters after their arrest.