Coronavirus: Mzbel wears nose mask
Coronavirus: Mzbel wears nose mask

Singer Mzbel has taken a swipe at pastors around the globe who are waiting for Coronavirus infections to subside so they could continue to heal the seek.

The singer is of the view that none of the Men of God can claim to be anointed in the amidst of the soaring cases of the novel coronavirus which is killing thousands around the world.

Mzbel took to Instagram to post a video of herself wearing nose mask as she attacked men of God for not being able to visit hospitals holding coronavirus-positive patients in order to heal them.

The 16 Years hitmaker the essence of the church and its very existence, suggesting there was no need to have the institution in the first place.


She wrote:

Good Morning Mzbelievers, I will like to ask the questions everyone is afraid to ask, Hate me or Love me, that’s you business but let’s engage and speak truth to power. I’m not here to baby seat your Feelings. [SIC]

If Churches are being shut down for the purpose of saving lives. Was there a need to have them in the first place?

Even church pastors are waiting for #CORONAVIRUS to clear so that they can continue healing the Sick!We need to wake up… Nobody can heal the sick, my opinion and I stand to be corrected if need be.

If there’s someone you know why is he not going to Hospital and heal the sick as they claim to heal them in churches, #IBelieveInGodWithin not in the Sky and not Fake! So far no one came out to save Lives, that’s because they are all Fake!