MP Yapei-Kusawgu

Ranking member on the Energy and Mines Committee, John Jinapor, has urged the Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo) to be transparent with Ghanaians with its operations.

The Yapei-Kusawgu Member of Parliament believes GRIDCo may be going through financial challenges, a situation which has accounted for recent power outages.

GRIDCo has issued a statement explaining the cause of the recent power outage with assurance that works are underway to fix the problem.

But Mr Jinapor on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen bemoaned why the outfit could not inform the citizenry prior to the works.

“They are not telling us the truth but I am sure money is the major cause of the outage we are experiencing now. They are not able to maintain their equipment because we have enough capacity when it comes to generation,” he said.

To him, the government and the outfit at large must come clear on the state of affairs to aid Ghanaians plan their lives ahead of time.


“If they are saying the transmission work is what is causing the outage, does it mean we are going to have this situation every year because we do this annually? It is proper for them to give us a timetable,” he added.

“We should find out whether or not they are in financial difficulty then we know what to do but I believe we need to invest in GRIDCo and find them money,” he urged.