Most Reverend Bishop Paul Kwabena Boafo, Chairman of the CCG

The Fiator [traditional leader] of Nogokpo, Torgbui Agbodzalu Amuzu, has urged the Christian Council of Ghana to call its members to order to prevent religious conflict in the country.

Torgbui Agbodzalu Amuzu lamented how some pastors so-called, especially Nana Agrada and others, are attacking Nogokpo, which is a town where the deity of justice and thunder resides.

Fiator Agbodzalu Amuzu in an interview noted that the whole issue is being misunderstood by Christians, and most of them on social media are “just speaking rubbish without understanding the real facts on the ground.”

Fiator Agbodzalu Amuzu noted that the Bible never mentioned Nogokpo or anything about the shrine in Nogokpo, and so Christians must be circumspect in their speech on the issue.

He urged the Christian Council to advise the Christian community to stop making references to Nogokpo.

“The Bible never mentioned maami water or the marine spirit, Nogokpo, juju or any deity in their write-ups, and so Christians must stop talking anyhow on the issue, especially on the social media platforms and television channels before they bring religious conflicts, “Fiator Agbodzalu Amuzu said.

He noted that Nogokpo is one of the towns in the Ketu South of the Volta Region and the entire town is a peaceful one with principles. He noted that the shrine Zakadza is a ‘god of justice’ and thunder which resides in Nogokpo, and Christians must know the facts before speaking on the issues.

Fiator Agbodzalu Amuzu noted that it is necessary for the Christian Council to urgently stop all negative commentary and insults on the deity and the town of Nogokpo, and rather face their businesses as Christians in order to avoid any serious religious conflicts in the country.

“If Christians claim to have God they should rather show good examples as followers of Christ instead of trying to bring conflicts in the country, “he said.

“Those pastors and Christians saying all sorts of things against Nogokpo do not own Ghana and Ghana does not belong to any of them but for everyone, so they must be careful,” he warned.

He also urged the chiefs to be steadfast in all they do and fight for their thrones and titles.

He noted that chiefs must fight for their titles and forget about whatever any other Chief said regarding distancing themselves from Nogokpo.

He called for unity among the traditional leaders in the Volta Region.

This comes after a video of the founder and General Overseer of Perez Chapel International, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare categorising the town as the headquarters of demons in the Volta Region went viral on social media.

Earlier, the General Overseer had said he had no intention to cast a slur on certain groups of people or their communities and had described “any misrepresentation or misinformation that has characterised the subsequent commentary and reportage” as unfortunate.

But the chiefs insist that failure on the part of the man of God to appear before them in two weeks would compel them to take another action.