Bullet at Hitz FM for Daybreak Hitz show
Bullet at Hitz FM for Daybreak Hitz show

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Rufftown Records Music Label, Ricky Nana Agyemang, has urged upcoming musicians who want to imitate Ebony to desist from it.

According to him, he wouldnt sign any female act who copies Ebony.

In a lengthy write-up, Bullet had this to say:

Every day, I receive tons of messages and music from various female artistes who desire to be signed unto my label but it is always hard for me to comprehend because they all sound like my precious Queen, Ebony Reigns.

I know and can categorically state that no one can replace Ebony Reigns, so, it is always hard for me to sign them.


Late Ebony and Bullet (R)
Late Ebony and Bullet (R)

Remember I never mentioned anywhere that I wanted to replace Ebony reigns, not even when I was introducing the current reigning queen of Ghana music @wendyshayofficial because ebony is irreplaceable.

Ebony is like Bob Marley, Tupac and Michael Jackson. She is irreplaceable.

She is the first female artiste of the year and she is still the artiste of the year even after her demise.

It has been almost three years, y’all not scared of such an icon.

This is free advice to all young upcoming female artistes, everyone can take inspiration from Ebony but never try to talk or sound like her.

Originality is supreme. Long live the queen, Ebony reigns forever.

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