Bukom-based singer, King Jerry, says all efforts to stop boxer Bukom Banku from performing his songs have proved futile.

According to him, Bukom Banku has learnt most of his songs, hence when he is booked for shows, he performs most of his songs.

The singer said anytime he tries to open up on the matter, Bukom Banku refuses to heed his plea.

I don’t write songs in recent times. I have never taken his song…he is my friend we have walked for like a decade.


I am his teacher when it comes to music. He has learnt most of my songs cos they are easy to sing.

He took one of my songs recently… Because he is famous than me he takes advantage of that, than me. He promotes them indirectly but that is not his intention.

He even plays shows and sings some of my songs for cash. When I tell him he says he will beat me, he told Kwaku Manu.

Watch the video below: