Ghanaian bride dons stylish corset look Credit: @asoebiladies
Ghanaian bride dons stylish corset look Credit: @asoebiladies

In the quest for a memorable and standout appearance on her special day, some brides are willing to push fashion boundaries. One particular bride has recently taken social media by storm with her unconventional outfit choice for her traditional wedding ceremony.

The viral clip, shared by popular fashion blogger Asoebi Ladies, has ignited a wave of discussion and fascination among online communities.

The bride, adorned in a stunning kente ensemble, caught the attention of many due to the distinctive fitting of her attire.

While the outfit itself boasted intricate and captivating design, it was the strapless corset top that became the focal point of the online buzz.

Observers couldn’t help but notice that the corset appeared extremely tight, causing an upward push on the bride’s bosoms and creating a somewhat unflattering visual effect.

As the video spread across social media platforms, netizens were quick to offer their opinions and engage in lively discussions.