In a daring act of robbery on Thursday afternoon, a police officer was attacked and shot by unidentified assailants at Ablekuma Fanmilk.

According to witnesses at the scene, the four armed robbers traveling in a black vehicle launched an attack on a bullion van shortly after it parked at the Star Oil Fuel Station near the ECG office in Ablekuma Fanmilk.

During the confrontation, the robbers specifically targeted the police officers inside the van, firing shots that fatally injured an officer in the shoulder and abdomen.

Approximately 15 gunshots were exchanged between the assailants and the on-duty police officers stationed at the fuel station.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, the incident is said to have occurred during a maintenance period resulting in all cameras being offline.

Authorities have initiated a search for the bullion van driver, whose whereabout is currently unknown.

Meanwhile, the injured officer has been promptly taken to the hospital for medical treatment. Other officers have arrived at the scene of the crime to gather evidence and assess the situation.