Bishop Agyinasare, General Overseer of Perez Chapel
Bishop Agyinasare, General Overseer of Perez Chapel

The General Overseer of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare, has charged Ghanaians to pray earnestly in support of Henry Quartey’s vision for Accra.

According to the Bishop, the Greater Accra Regional Minister is embarking on a campaign called ‘Make Accra Work Again Campaign’, a project geared at enforcing sanitation laws in the city.

Preaching on a leadership theme on Sunday, the founder of Precious TV said that Mr Quartey made a lot of sense to him when he said: “Ghanaians travel to Singapore and other places, and they don’t throw rubbish around because they obey the law. However, after their two-week vacation, they start littering the city when they return from the airport. So I want to enforce the laws laid down for the city.”

The Bishop became pleased with Mr Quartey’s statement and said he is personally praying for him to succeed in the campaign and make Ghanaians disciplined and responsible.

“One of the leaders I am praying for is the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Henry Quartey, for his passion for transforming Accra under the ‘Make Accra Work Again’ campaign.

“What made him my darling is when he said, ‘We have set up a committee to come out with a blueprint for the city’. So that anyone who takes over from me can continue with what the city must be.

“He called the document (The Make Accra Work Again bible), and he said the words of Salifu Amankwah, Egyiri Blankson, Nii Oko Vandapuye that they did before me must be continued,” Agyinasare said.

For him, leaders with a vision like Mr Quartey’s must be supported despite their political affiliations.

“If anyone talks like the way Henry Quartey is talking, we must support that person. And so for me, I say that we must support this Regional Minister who wants to make Accra work again for the benefit of all of us,” he said