Bishop Charles Agyinasare
Bishop Charles Agyinasare

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, Founder and Senior Pastor, Perez Chapel International, has asked Christians to live noble and honest lives, a duty that the celebration of Christmas places on all.  

He said the festive season must re-waken society on the qualities Joseph, the father of Jesus Christ exhibited where he resolved to be noble and not disgrace the Virgin Mary even after knowing that she was pregnant.  

Delivering a Sunday service sermon on the eve of Christmas at the Perez Dome, the Archbishop, who raised concerns about having people wanting to do what was right and just, said: “These days we don’t have too many noble men.”  

His sermon, which dwelt largely on family creation and togetherness, urged married men and potential husbands to desist from the disgrace they put their wives and wives-to-be through when the women cheat.  

“Unfortunately, there are guys telling others the number of women they had slept with. They think it is pride, they are rather cheap. Joseph didn’t say anything about Mary to people. He was a noble man,” he said.  

“I am not saying the women must be indulging in promiscuity, however, if you are a man and your wife did that and you don’t love her anymore, don’t beat her, let her go in peace, ” the Archbishop added.  

He urged young women to overlook their wealth, social and economic statues and accept young hard working men who had dreams and vision.  

The Archbishop said: “This Christmas, if the young men come with marriage proposals, accept them, help them with the processes. It is not wrong to support the guy to marry you.”  

Narrating his experience when he met his wife, the Archbishop said he bought six pieces of clothes, had  two from his wife and another two from his sisters for his marriage. 

He said his wife also gave him her jewelries to be used as part of the marriage items. 

He said it was unfortunate that several young men and women looked down on their partners because of their financial background.  

“…When I met my wife, I could only take her from Akim Oda to Asamankese, but today, I have taken her to Japan, Hawaii, Singapore amongst others,” the Archbishop said. 

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