Entertainment enthusiast, Ayisha Modi, has announced she is turning a new leaf and her actions including flaunting her body on social media and rants are now things of her past.

The controversial loud-mouthed ‘industry police’ also vowed to stop granting her usual interviews where she exposes persons in the industry, as well as going on live to address and attack critics.

Her decision is a kind courtesy to the Sowutuom traditional council who have given her the role of the queen mother.

According to her, her enstoolment means she is expected to live a dignified life as required of a chieftaincy title, and her aforementioned traits go against all things chieftaincy.

“The elders have spoken to me about things I cannot do now that I am a queen mother and I need to respect that. From today, I have stopped granting interviews and going live on social media to attack anyone.

“In fact, when I see something wrong, I will pretend I haven’t seen and that is because of my new position. Now I want my peace of mind,” she said.

She told Kwaku Manu during Aggressive Interview that