Dancehall act Stonebwoy has dropped a subliminal shot for ‘you-know-who’ after he was dragged for an interview gone wrong.

After Stonebwoy disregarded Ayisha’s input in his brand, the latter has expressed her disappointment in series of posts and live videos.

Among other things, she warned Stonebwoy not to rubbish her, if he chooses not to give her accolades for the monies and sacrifices she invested in the BHIM brand.

She expressed disappointment that the artiste suggested she is using him for hype after all the love they have publicly shown each other.

Ayisha Modi further labelled him an ingrate, adding that his big ego would be his downfall if care is not taken.

Moments after she gave her two cents, Stonebwoy wrote on his snapchat story how he pays critical attention to the story as much as he does to the newsbearer.

Contrary to the statements he made in the interview, he noted that he wishes people well, but they pay him back with evil.

He mocked the ‘you-know-who’ is poor in spirit, poor in heart, poor in mind and poor in looks.