Actress, Akuapem Poloo has taken to social media to challenge claims made by social commentator, Ayisha Modi that she gave her a land as gift.

Ayisha Modi had previously stated in interviews that she gifted Poloo half plot of land located at Manhyia in Accra.

The motive for the gesture, she indicated was to alleviate Poloo’s financial burdens, particularly in caring for her son.

This act of generosity was after Poloo’s arrest on charges of indecent exposure for posting nude photos to celebrate her son’s birthday.

Ayisha mentioned in the interview that, she delegated the distribution of the lands to her staff, who were supposed to call the beneficiaries and have a legal change of ownership.

To her knowledge, those she promised have received their gifts, and she is forced to believe Poloo is one of them.

In response to these claims, Poloo said she never received any land from Ayisha Modi.

She explained that, if she had indeed received such a gift, she would have thanked Ayisha publicly because she is not ungrateful.

Poloo clarified her stance in a social media post, stating:

“I told you the last time and I will say it again, bro, I didn’t get any land from anyone. Before God and man, I was being taken to see a land, but I didn’t hear from anyone again, hun. I’m not ungrateful. Since 2018, even if someone dashes me a bag of water, I post it here on my platform to show appreciation.”