Wife of Kwadwo Akwaboah has settled the brouhaha concerning royalties the late highlife legend was paid by GHAMRO in the days leading up to his unfortunate demise.

Following his demise, Akosua Adjepong took interest in calling out GHAMRO for what she said is false-hearted condolences to the bereaved family after failing to offer Mr Akwaboah financial aid when he was indisposed.

Among other things, she revealed that GHAMRO paid a meager GHS 250 as royalties via mobile money, an allegation the CEO, Abraham Adjatey and other executive vehemently debunked.

Mr Adjatey revealed no call whatsoever was placed to the outfit by Akwaboah Snr for help, adding that such amount was never sent to the legend, neither is there a record in their portfolio.

This caused a rift between Akosua Adjepong and GHAMRO of which both parties threatened legal battles.

Bringing some clarity to the case, Madam Akwaboah revealed her husband indeed received GHS 250, not through mobile money, but it was handed directly to the legend on his sick bed.

“My husband received GHS 250 which he informed Akosua Adjepong about. At that time he was receiving treatment at Lekma hospital when they came. He had previously called Rex Omar who said he was driving; nothing was heard from him again. Later, two guys brought us GHS 250 on behalf of GHAMRO with the message that we should use it for the treatment and gather medical receipt for further aid.”

Aside that fund, Madam Akwaboah said the next money her husband received was GHS 100 via mobile money as Christmas token.

To her knowledge, royalties her husband has received in his over two decades of doing music did not even amount to GHS 1,000.

She further revealed her husband died disappointed in GHAMRO.

A vindicated Akosua Adjepong was gingered by the comment as she continued to launch another attack on the royalties collection organisation.

The veteran singer has since time immemorial been up in alms with GHAMRO, accusing them of not fulfilling their mandate of collecting and distributing royalties accordingly.