Rex Omar & Afua Asantewaa

Chairman of GHAMRO, Rex Omar has apologized for revealing the list of confirmed ‘Sing-a-thon’ songs for Afua Asantewaa.

According to him, he was not aware the list of songs was supposed to be confidential.

“I wasn’t told it was supposed to be confidential. For people to be clear that what we wanted the team to do has been done, I posted the first page then I was told it is a confidential document. I am apologizing not because I have done anything wrong but because as a present leader of the institution, I want people to know that my intentions are clear” he explained.

This apology comes after Ghanaians criticised Rex Omar for posting the list of songs to be performed by Afua Asantewaa on his official Facebook page.

The Chairman of GHAMRO in a Facebook live video on December 18 explained that, his initial request for the list of the songs is in adherence to copyright regulations.

Sharing it on Facebook was to commend Asantewaa and her team for doing the needful and not out of malice.

Afua Asantewaa is determined to set a new record for the longest singing marathon by an individual aiming for 117 to 120 hours.