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Abena Korkor is causing serious trouble in some homes – Adom FM pundit Nana Adjoa Silky [Video]


Adom FM‘s Entertainment Hall pundit, Nana Adjoa Silky, says no wife will be happy to hear allegations of her husband having an affair outside their marital home.

She made this statement following claims made by self-styled sexual therapist and bipolar advocate Abena Korkor that she has slept with some A-list male celebs in the country.

According to her, though she has come out to publicly apologise, she might have caused severe misunderstandings in the homes of some of the names she mentioned in her latest list.

Why is she not breaking homes? There are some married women who don’t like to hear rumours of their husbands cheating on them.

For Abena Korkor, she is against men who have slept with her knowing that they are married. She is causing some emotional turmoil to the extent that the married women will be having nightmares about it. There are some of them who will not even sleep with their husbands. They cannot stand the thought, she told the host Mike 2.

For some of the men who don’t support her statement, Nana Adjoa climaxed her point saying: If a man should come out and say I have slept with your wife… how would you feel? She quizzed rhetorically.


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