A 39-year-old woman from the Sehwi Juaboso district has taken agriculture to the next level with her production of tortoises and other reptiles.

Lydia Eshun, who mentioned she has love for farming and agriculture in general, added that she wanted to go beyond the usual crop cultivation.

She had the motivation to rear tortoises when four of the reptiles mistakenly fell into her hunting trap about a year ago.

Madam Eshun revealed to Adom News’ correspondent, Augustine Boah, that she started her rearing with the three female tortoises and one male, which have since produced many hatchlings.

She demonstrated how she feeds the reptiles with pawpaw, kontomire, boiled cassava and plantain twice daily and keeps them warm in a cage she erected.

In less than a year, she revealed she has reared over 30 tortoises, but she was quick to add that their growth rate is a bit slower than the snails and other reptiles she rears.