Yul and May Edochie Credit: Instagram/@mayyulEdochie
Yul and May Edochie Credit: Instagram/@mayyulEdochie

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has rendered an unqualified apology to his first wife, May, over his decision to marry a second wife.

The actor says he accepts he hurt his wife and takes the blame for his actions as polygamy should not be forced on anyone.

Mr Edochie in April 2022 introduced colleague actress Judy Austin as his second wife and announced they have a son together.

But though it is not immediately clear what has triggered the apology, it comes a few weeks after his father, Pete Edochie reacted to the marriage in an interview with Vanguard Nigeria.

The veteran actor disclosed that he did not feel good about his son’s decision to marry a second wife since he is a Christian.

Yul, however, was not happy about the report shared by popular blogger Linda Ikeji on Instagram as he took to the comment section to question it.

But eight months down the line after the introduction, young Edochie on his Instagram page has indicated he didn’t mean to disrespect his wife.


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He added it wasn’t also to replace his wife or because he had fallen out of love.

“But I guess life happens. You already know the whole story. Nobody is perfect, I’m not and you are not except God. I assure you that nobody is taking your place,” his apology read in part.

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