Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has announced plans to begin the work of God as he announces another career path.

The actor says he has for the past years been ignoring this call from God but believes the time has come for him to heed the call.

“I’ve had this calling a long time ago actually, many years ago but I always felt maybe the time hadn’t come, the time wasn’t right but now it’s very strong and I feel the time has come,” he declared.

The celebrated actor in a Youtube video said he has made a name for himself already and is convinced the remaining days of his life is to achieve that purpose for God as he owes everything he has to his Maker.

“God has blessed me in this life. By the grace of God, I’ve become one of the biggest most celebrated actors in the continent of Africa and one of the most popular in Africa and Nigeria. God has taken me to the very top and a very high point in my career.


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“God lifted me as an actor to where I am so that I can become one of his ministers so that I can use that fame and fortune, use the status, the global reach that I have to preach the word of God,” he said.

The actor, who a few months ago came under public criticism after he married a second wife, Judy Austin, is convinced he will touch lives and save humanity through his new path.

“I think I’ve found my purpose in life and my purpose is to be a minister of God to make the world a better place to make humanity a better place to touch lives through actions, words to reach out to people and make people better in any way that I can,” he added.

His announcement has, however, been greeted with mixed reactions from fans and followers.