Popular Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has slammed critics who descended on him after marrying a second wife.

According to him, he has the right to marry as many wives as possible adding that, he owes nobody an explanation.

The popular actor incurred public wrath after he boldly confessed to having a son with his side chic now his second wife.

His first wife, Mary Edochie whom he has been married to for the past 17 year,s took to social media to curse them and unfollowed her husband.


A few days ago, Mary stormed social media again in reaction to another post by her husband which sent a ‘false reconciliation’ message across.

But things have taken a sharp turn as Yul who earlier seemed ‘apologetic’ has issued some bold statements to the public.

“So I said I was going to speak and narrate my own side of the story so I have decided to speak. For the past two months, issues of me taking a second wife have broken the internet. It is my life. I have the right to wake up in the morning and marry 25, 50 or even 100 women and it is nobody’s business. This is my personal life and people should stay away from it.

That’s why politicians don’t take citizens seriously because this energy should be channeled into championing issues of national interest. Shame on all of you. You have no right to judge me It is my life. I owe no explanation to anyone,” he stated in a live video that has gone viral on social media.