The National Youth Authority (NYA) has expressed disgust over a church priest who gave “holy kisses” to some of his students.

In a video that has since gone viral, the priest lined up some of the female students allegedly from St Monica’s College of Education and gave them “kisses” one after the other.

This, the Authority has condemned in the strongest terms, adding that the action “in our opinion does not augur well and inure to the overall development of our youth…”

In a press release, NYA said it perceives the conduct of the priest as an infringement on the rights of the students and especially in the wake of the novel COVID-19.

It also added that the priest’s conduct constitute an abuse of office and that must be critically looked at particularly by the Christian Council of Ghana and immediate steps must be taken to withdraw him.

The NYA called on the Ministry of Education and other related authorities to conduct their own internal investigations and subsequently make their findings public as a matter of urgency.

Find attached press release: