Gloria Osei Sarfo | credit: @gloriaosarfo/Instagram

Actress Gloria Sarfo has sent a candid and direct message to her colleague, Salma Mumin, to maintain her current body enhancement and avoid further alterations.

The advice comes after Salma Mumin shared pictures of herself showcasing what she confirmed to be an enhanced physique.

In a lengthy message she advised her trolls to cut her some slack as her figure 8 body is all she has ever wanted.

Salma went as far as saying her sexual partner is content with her body; and she will enhance it as many times as she deems fit.

However, in a recent interview, actress Gloria Sarfo, known for her no-nonsense attitude, advised Salma not to succumb to societal pressures to undergo additional liposuction.

She praised Salma for her body enhancement, stating that Salma’s current appearance is beautiful and doesn’t need further changes.

The actress stressed that the key to confidence and beauty lies in embracing one’s unique features and being content with oneself. She reminded Salma that she is already beautiful as she is and encouraged her not to be swayed by unrealistic beauty standards.