Sister Derby and Edem
Sister Derby and Edem

Musicians, Sister Derby and Edem locked horns over the lady who danced with Omah Lay and went viral on social media.

Edem slammed Sister Derby for supporting the lady for leaving her man to dance seductively with Omah Lay on stage .

According to Sister Derby, her boyfriend acted childishly for breaking up with his woman.

“E pain me waaa say the Omah Lay concert girl come out to explain. Kai. Dancing k3k3. Youngins, not married, but taking this thing World Cup. Simple entertainment. Jamaicans will be laughing. Boys will cheat publicly and not ever dare apologize publicly. The girl do yawa by apologising in my opinion,” she said.

But Edem told Derby that, people who dont take relationships serious are not suitable for marriage.

“If you no take relationship World Cup, you can’t take marriage World Cup… One be dress rehearsal one be show…😊 Unless you no be serious,” Edem wrote.

Pain by this, Sister Derby alleged that, Edem was bounced when he went to the Global Citizen Festival that took place in Ghana.

She wrote on X, “So you know all this, yet you came for ‘dress rehearsal’ at Global Citizen and got bounced. While you had a ‘serious show’ at another venue.”

But Edem, in a riposte, showed ‘evidence’ to counter Sister Derby’s claims.

According to the rapper, he was given VIP access at the Global Citizen Festival.