Dr Likee, also known as Akabenzer, is a popular Ghanaian skit maker and actor. Dr Likee has become a household name because of his hilarious skits.

The actors he does the skits with helped make this possible, and in appreciation of their efforts, he gifted one of them a car.

Shifo was the lucky recipient of the vehicle, as he had been through thick and thin with Dr Likee.

It was all joy and jubilation when Dr Likee presented the vehicle to Shifo. While the presentation was going on, something interesting went on.

Yaw Dabo, who is also an actor, was spotted grabbing the waist of Ama Tundra.

Dabo, short in nature, did not let his height deter him as he held on to the behind of Ama Tundra, who was at least three times his height and weight.


Akabenezer gifted his longtime friend actor Shifo a new car

♬ original sound – poleeno

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