Actress and entrepreneur, Xandy Kamel has revisited her feud with colleague, Benedicta Gafah in an interview that has made headlines.

Gracing the Delay Show, Xandy touched on personalities that have negatively impacted her life, of which she extensively spoke about her ex-husband and brushed on her issue with Ms. Gafah.

Xandy and Benedicta used to be close pals to the extent of cohabiting in Gafah’s plush mansion in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi.

However, shortly after, the duo fell off pretty badly when Xandy made allegations against Gafah.

She claimed Benedicta is into ‘juju’ [voodoo] and sleeps with married men to fund her lifestyle.

In response, Ms. Gafah took to social media to expose Xandy’s financial challenges and cursed her for dragging her name in the mud.

Speaking on the issue in the interview, Xandy said they are still at loggerheads and have not spoken to each other since the messy online banter.

Asked if she will ever have any conversation with Gafah, Xandy said “it is in God’s hands”.