Kuami Eugene, KiDi, King Promise, others kicked us out of business in 2018 – Keche

Members of two-time Best Group of the Year awardees, Keche, have pledged a lifetime alliance to the brand.

Keche, made up of Joshua Kojo Ampah (Keche Joshua) and Andrew Kofi Cudjo (Keche Andrew), has been a union since the early 2000s when they met in school.

Despite having tens of songs together, Ghanaians fear they will suffer the same fate as other embattled music groups who have experienced a breakup.

The likes of ‘4×4, Praye, BukBak, Ruff and Smooth, Wutah, 5Five, VIP, Double’ have suffered break-ups over issues relating to finances, marriage, or individual preferences.

But, the Keche duo assured Black I, host of Adom TV’s Ahosepe Xtra that they will never join the tall list of unsuccessful groups in Ghana.

The reason is that they strike the balance between their individual lives and the brand.

“We understand ourselves; we are two different people from different backgrounds but we came together. Keche is a company; It is big that Joshua is a worker of Keche and so am I. We are both staffs of the Keche company but we are not the brand itself,” Keche Andrew explained.

Andrew touted the struggle to reach the limelight as another reason why they would not allow “petty issues” to send them apart.

“We do fight, we do argue [because] we are humans and even twins do fight. Sometimes it happens that we are on stage performing and we are not even talking to each other for even weeks. Keche is bringing a lot of money into our pockets so we have to put everything aside once it comes to business. We are mature people, we just know how to solve our differences and move along”.

Joshua, who said he started as a solo artiste, said his partnership with Andrew is something he prayed for, adding that any day his partner decides to exit the group will also be the end of his music career.

“I started as a single artiste, but why am I here now with Andrew? It’s because even God knows without him I cannot do it alone. I respect him so much and make sure that even if he wrongs me, I have to put it aside and attend to the Keche brand first”.

Keche also stated they learn from the mistakes of disbanded groups and they do not allow external parties to influence their union negatively.