Austin Faani, the husband of actress Chacha Eke, has shared his heartfelt experience of living with his wife who is currently facing mental health challenges.

In a candid interview, he opened up about the emotional journey of supporting his wife through her bipolar disorder.

Chacha Eke’s bipolar condition became public knowledge after an online episode where she made allegations of physical assault by her husband and expressed marital stress.

However, she later clarified that her outburst was a result of a relapse in her bipolar condition, urging everyone to disregard her subsequent statements.

In his interview, Austin Faani revealed that his wife’s actions initially affected him deeply, as they portrayed him in a negative light.

With time, he came to better understand the complexities of her mental health struggles, and he holds no grudges against her.

He recounted an incident that was a turning point in their journey when Chacha Eke shattered a mirror after claiming to see disturbing images.

Austin Faani further shared that during one phase, Chacha roamed the streets, hotels, and beaches of Lagos for days and even traveled to Ghana using a fake ID. He had to locate her and bring her back home.

As her condition worsened, Austin Faani emphasized the importance of seeking professional and spiritual help. He mentioned that he arranged for prayers and support to assist her during her low points.

The impact of Chacha Eke’s mental health struggles has also extended to their children, who have become vigilant in ensuring she takes her medication as prescribed.

Mr Faani said his family is collectively doing their possible best to manage Chacha and restore their once perfect life.