The suspects

Doctors who first attended to a police chief caught up in the revolt by secessionist group on Friday have revealed that they retrieved 19 pellets of D B bullet from the body.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Ivy Sertodjie, the Medical Director of Bator Catholic Hospital, Dr Bernard Atuguba said although two officers were severely injured, Divisional Police Commander, ASP Dennis Fiakpui was the only one who reported to the hospital with a gunshot injury.

“My checks have informed me that the two of them are doing well. When we did an X-Ray, we saw 19 pellets of the D B pellets…Luckily, they did not get to the bone, they were only on the flesh so he did not sustain any fracture,” he said.

Explaining how 19 pellets entered the body of the Police officer, a Security Analyst, Adib Saani said the D B gun that was fired is used to targets numerous people at ones.

According to him, a pellet is mostly described non-lethal but should it hit sensitive parts of the body it can kill.


“Pellets are mostly used against protestors because it is seen as a non-lethal weapon, however, when it is fired, it spreads out because hundreds of pellets that goes in different direction.

“So it is not purposefully for target shooting, but more of targeting a lot of people at the same time,” he clarified.

A group of armed men, believed to be members of Western Togoland secessionist forces attacked the Aveyime and Mepe Police Stations in the wee hours of Friday.

The separatist forcibly took over both stations simultaneously, overpowered the police officers, broke into the armoury, and made away with 10 AK 47 rifles as they headed to town to block major entry roads into the Volta Region.