The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has resented violent attacks of the party’s sympathisers at Voters’ Registration Centres.

The party is serving a strong warning to the Akufo-Addo-led administration of its intent to respond very fiercely and harshly to perpetrators of hooliganism should there be the next report of abuse.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the NDC Youth Wing, the party charged the youth to defend themselves in any way possible, even if that involves physical abuse against their oppressors.

Their retaliation, they explained should be understood as defense of personal security and liberty since the State has refused to hear their cries.

“We are serving a strong warning that even if one individual is harmed in the event of registration process, the NDC and its youth wing will respond. Whether acting under the guise of uniform security or acting irresponsibly, as an agent of the failed NPP, we will resist it.

“If the NPP perpetrating violence cannot be called to order, no one should call anybody in NDC to order. Hooligans went unpunished and the constitution gives us the right to defend ourselves against any attack.”


He, however,pulled the brakes of the NDC youth when he advised them not to start any violence, but should face their oppressors squarely only when they are triggered.

For evidence purposes, he also advised that names, pictures and videos of hooligans who unleash violence on innocent people, especially NDC faithful, be taken.