Asiedu Nketia

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, says the party is ready to fight authorities in the quest to ensure appropriate political laws are applied.

Following the decision for a new Voters’ Register, the NDC has taken series of legal actions against the Electoral Commission (EC) in a bid to fight for the retention of the old system.

After every legal action backfired, Mr Nketia is alleging the State Security is supporting the New Patriotic Party to breach the laws, rendering his party defenseless.

“It is the people who are in charge of the due process who are breaching the law; so who are you going to report to? I am quoting the words of a policeman to you, Michael Asiedu. He has alleged that his hands are tied, who is tieing his hands? We don’t know,” he said.


Mr Nketia said the alliance has confirmed the suspicion they are fighting the ‘Father, Son and Holy Spirit’, which stands for the EC, Government and State Security.

According to him, since the commencement of the Voters’ Registration on June 30, some NDC sympathisers have been deemed ineligible and prevented from partaking in the process.

The NDC also raised concerns over Senior High School students who are being registered on campuses, explaining it is not contained in a Gazette and notification in accordance with C.I 91.