Providence Events Centre was filled with many Adom TV patrons ready to witness the second set of the 30 children selected for the Season 2 of music talent show, Nsoromma on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

The show was opened up with Anita A. Fynn and she chose singer Becca’s African Woman song which many could easily sing along in the auditorium.

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Anita Afua Fynn performs 'African Woman' by Becca at Nsoromma19
Anita Afua Fynn performs ‘African Woman’ by Becca at Nsoromma19

Her costume was apt and emulated that of Becca in the original visuals of the song.

Many were in awe of her active performance and the judge, Akwaboah lauded her for mic and crowd control. Anita paved the ‘perfect’ path for her colleagues to grace the stage.

The next to perform was Grace Adom Sarkodie who nailed veteran highlife Amakye Dede’s ‘Odo Ho Akyere Noa’ song.

Grace Adom Sarkodie performs 'Odo Ho AkyereNoa' by Amakye Dede at Nsoromma 2019
Grace Adom Sarkodie performs ‘Odo Ho AkyereNoa’ by Amakye Dede at Nsoromma 2019

Nathaniel Ofori bounced on with Kidi’s ‘Adiepena’ song. His choice of clothes could tell he was an ardent fan of the musician. One couldn’t ignore his fancy eye wear toppled with his white inner show off. He sang well and entertained the crowd.

Nathaniel Ofori performs ‘Adiepena’ by Kidi at Nsoromma 2019

Nsoromma kid Josephine Frimpong rode on Adina’s song to give patrons seated in the auditorium the chance to dance. She was on top of her game and her microphone control was apt to her performance.

Josephine Frimpong performs ‘On my way’ by Adina at Nsoromma 2019

Josephine understood the competition so she rocked patrons to the max. After her performance, Akosua Agyapong even took off her hat to show a gesture of respect.

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Musician Kwesi Pee came into the picture when Joanita Esi Atitivi sang his hit song ‘Me Hia Odo.’

Juanita Esi Ativi performed 'Me hia Odo' by Kwasi Pee. at Nsoromma 2019
Juanita Esi Ativi performed ‘Me hia Odo’ by Kwasi Pee at Nsoromma 2019

Abigail Agyemang couldn’t wait till her turn to perform ‘Osobro Kyee’ a popular song by highlife veteran Dr Paa Bobo.

Abigail won the heart of many with her slow pace dancing moves. It was heart-warming to watch her entertain the crowd.

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Abigail Agyemang performs 'Osobrokyee' by Paa Bobo. at Nsoromma 2019
Abigail Agyemang performs ‘Osobrokyee’ by Paa Bobo at Nsoromma 2019

For a second it looked like Nsoromma Kid Stephen Nyamkeye had the keys and he unlocked louder cheers from the crowd when he grabbed the mic to perform Amakye Dede’s ‘Akodaa Wisoa.’

Visually impaired Stephen Nyameke performs ‘Akodaa Wisoa’ by Amakye Dede at Nsoromma 2019

Everyone was up and standing watching the new Kid towing the line of Nsoromma winner Righteous Vandyke. His advantage will be the deep voice he possesses as it’s hard to believe he is an 11-year-old lad and again visually impaired.

Akwaboah tagged Stephen’s craft as an authentic one, adding that he has a future with highlife. He continued saying Amakye Dede will be proud of him.

The 8th performer picked the right song for the moment by performing Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Things Fall Apart‘ song, which is topping Adom FM music chart after its release.

Queensworth Etorna was praised for getting the lyrics right because Kofi Kinaata is noted for his song writing prowess, which comprises many Takoradi jargons that some of the fans can’t even comprehend but enjoy.

Queensworth Ansah performs 'Things fall apart' by @kinaatagh
Queensworth Ansah performs ‘Things fall apart’ by Kofi Kinaata at Nsoromma19

Akosua Agyapong was shocked to see one of the Nsoromma Kids, Reneil Aboagye copycat her dance gestures as she performed her ‘Eka Bi Nie’ song.

She got much respect for her ability to get judge Akosua Agyapong dumbfounded with her voice, dance moves and costume, which emulated her.

Reneil Aboagye performs 'Eka bi nie' by Akosua Agyapong at Nsoromma 2019
Reneil Aboagye performs ‘Eka bi nie’ by Akosua Agyapong at Nsoromma 2019

The final contestant, Francis Addai climaxed the show with late dancehall singer Ebony Reigns. He brought back memories of her with his awesome ‘Aseda’ performance at the Providence Events Centre.

Francis Addai performs 'Aseda' by the late Ebony Reigns at Nsoromma 2019
Francis Addai performs ‘Aseda’ by the late Ebony Reigns at Nsoromma 2019