An online ‘beef’ between two popular female artistes almost turned bloody when they ran into each other in a salon.

Internationally recognised singer, Tiwa Savage exchanged words with fellow singer, Seyi Shay when they met at the salon.

In a video shared online, Tiwa Savage confronted Seyi after the latter greeted her. This was in spite of the fact that Seyi had described her in distasteful.

tiwa savage
Tiwa Savage

In response to the accusations, Seyi Shay insisted there was no blood, but Tiwa was not having any of the ‘hypocrisy’.

The argument escalated with Tiwa threatening to go physical, igniting some fear in Seyi who walked away before things could get messier.

Narrating her side of the story after a video of the confrontation went viral, Seyi said the tussle began 20 minutes after the pleasantries and fleeting glares from both sides.

"Don't hi me with your disgusting spirit" - Tiwa Savage & Seyi Shay exchange words (Video)
Seyi Shay


Seyi revealed she was shocked by the unexpected outburst, stressing that after the online beef, they had met more than twice and they had a cordial relationship.

We’ve even entered private jet together, we’ve taken pictures together, Seyi said.

To her, the beef is way more than some accusations she made towards Tiwa Savage.

Video below: