Two fishermen have been reported dead at Tema Newtown while fishing amidst the closed season.

Adom News‘ Isabella Gidiglo reported the incident occurred on Thursday dawn.

The deceased, according to reports, were part of 12 men who were asked to go fishing by traditional authorities for an annual ritual.

Unfortunately, while they were on the sea, some naval officers who were also on patrol at the time reportedly crashed their vessel into their canoe without provocation over claims they were intruders after spotting them.

The fishermen said the canoe overturned as a result of the hit, pushing the occupants into the sea.

Ten of them managed to swim ashore to save their lives but the two unfortunately couldn’t make it alive.

A representative from the Traditional Council in an interview expressed disappointment over the incident.

He revealed the Fisheries Ministry was aware some men go fishing despite the closed season due to their ceremony.

The fishermen, who have been infuriated over the death of their colleagues, said they expected the officers to act better and professionally.

According to them, they should have been taken ashore for questioning with regards to their presence on the sea instead of the attack on them.