Numerous sex workers at Tema Newtown in the Greater Accra region have expressed distress over police harassment. 

These sex workers claim the police in the port city are driving them out of business.

The disgruntled sex workers alleged that, the police and some Navy officers were regular customers.

But all of a sudden, they are claiming their trade is illegal and have now resorted to harassment and extortion.

The sex workers argue that, the action of the police is increasingly impeding their work in the area. 

The sex workers poured out their frustrations in an interview on Accra FM.

According to them, prostitution has been a part of society since time immemorial thus could not fathom why the police is now trying to curtail their livelihood.

They contend that, their income from this profession is crucial to support their families, particularly their children. 

One of the ladies called Tema Newtown sex queen revealed that, majority of them who have taken loans are now struggling to pay due to the action of the police.

She bemoaned why the police were bent on getting them out of business.