Legendary Gospel artiste, Helena Rhabbles, has let the world in on one of the deepest secrets surrounding her way of dressing.

Minister Helena revealed exclusively in an interview with Adom FM that she has, for the past few decades, never stepped out without her head scarfs.

When pressed by the host to give the reason for her action, she explained that her headscarf was a shield that protects her from the mighty force that accompanies the presence of God.

“I was ministering one day and the room was filled with the spirit of God and I heard the voice of the Lord. When the presence of God descends, it messes everything up and that’s when the Lord asked me to cover my hair anytime I entered his presence. That’s why I use a headscarf anytime I go on stage,” she explained.


The commandment, she said, was part of a covenant she made with God that He makes her sing and look like a Nigerian, especially with their way of wrapping their dresses and hair.

Having being blessed with that identity, Madam Helena said she decided to use a headscarf as a fulfillment of her part of the covenant.

She however insists it is not necessary for anyone who wants to receive the anointing of God to cover their hair as well.