Budding gospel musician, Vida Afriyie, has recounted the torture she had to undergo at the hands of her foreign employee in Saudi Arabia.

Miss Afriyie, who was excited to travel to the Asian country, said the cold breeze that welcomed her at the airport gave the impression all was not well.

She said her job details, as explained by the agent who contacted her for the travel, was to be a nanny to a grown father-of-one.

Convincing herself that everything will go well, she continued her journey to Al Rifai where she joined her new ‘family’.

However, her passport was seized four hours before her new boss; whom she described as weird for having long white beard, arrived to pick her up.

To her surprise, the man and son, whom she was tipped to care for, had other four members and a pregnant wife living in the house.

She said she knew her job had shifted from a nanny to a cook, cleaner and others she had not signed up for.

“I remember one time I was bending to pick up used plates from the dining table. From nowhere, the man’s wife pushed me down by my waist, screaming the act is forbidden in their country.

“I was also supposed to wake both the kids and adults up for school, as grown as they are; same height and body stature as mine. When I go to their rooms to do my job, these kids would rain insults at me and yet nothing was done about it,” she lamented.


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