Jane Awindor popularly known as Efya
Jane Awindor

Ghanaian songstress Efya recently opened up about how she manages her emotions when pushed to the brink of anger.

When questioned about the climax of her emotional state, she intriguingly responded, “I don’t know; if you stay, you’ll find out.”

Discussing her latest project, the “No More Tears” EP, Efya delved into the inspiration behind the title and the experiences that prompted such a poignant name.

According to her, embracing the concept of “no more tears” serves as a powerful motivator, compelling individuals to actively seek solutions during challenging times and refuse to linger in darkness.

Elaborating on her choice of the EP title, she emphasized the intention to inspire people to break free from whatever causes them distress and compels them to shed tears.

Despite the intense themes explored in her music, Efya clarified that she does not resort to violence when angered and maintains control over her temper.

She asserted, “If I’m upset with someone, it must be for a serious reason, perhaps involving abuse, which is something I won’t tolerate.”

Currently in the midst of promoting her latest musical endeavor, the “No More Tears” EP, Efya’s artistic journey continues to captivate audiences with its emotional depth and empowering messages.