Ato Arthur
Dr Nana Ato Arthur, Head of Local Government Service

Head of Ghana’s Local Government Service has urged Ghanaians to vote a double ‘Yes’ in the upcoming December referendum which seeks to pave way for the participation of political parties at the local level.

According to Nana Ato Arthur, a massive ‘Yes vote’ in the referendum will strengthen local governance and drive development in Ghana.

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“Ghanaians should vote double ‘Yes’ in the December referendum and that is where I stand because a ‘Yes’ vote would eliminate winner-takes-all,” he said.

 Speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen show, Mr Arthur explained the involvement of political parties at the Assembly level has been with Ghanaians for a long time.

“We are being hypocrites in this country because the Assembly elections are manipulated by New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress.

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“The constitution says the District Assembly elections should be non-partisan but practically they are partisan because political parties have been covertly selecting their candidates for the Assembly elections since 1988,” he added.

Mr Arthur called for concerted efforts and intensified campaign to achieve a convincing ‘YES’ vote in the upcoming December referendum.