Popular Pastor and Gospel musician Sonni Badu has responded to persons challenging some certificates he claims to have acquired in the United States.

A proud Dr Badu posted his certificates on social media to announce his newest titles as a Dean and Professor of the Trinity International University, but the post was greeted with doubts.

Of all his critics, Mr Badu is particularly concerned about a netizen who went as far as creating a thread and sending e-mails to his institute in the bid to ‘expose his deceit’.

In a live video posted by the musician, Mr Badu who was initially in a somber mood went hostile as he described the trolls as ‘foolish’.

He said those who have issues could have sent him messages or emails to enquire.

“Everyone knows I love to chat, but you get somebody literally spend the time to say foolishness they don’t know,” he lamented.


Sonnie Badu said when he started his ministry, a vast majority of those trolling him were still in school hence he has built a solid career for which he deserves every positive recognition.

“Those doing this, be careful, be careful, be very careful, it is not everybody you play those games with and go scot-free,” he warned

It is for this same attitude and mindset Mr Badu confessed he and his family will not live in Ghana.

Watch video below for more: