UK-based Ghanaian artiste, Sonnie Badu has disclosed that his recent Rhythms of Africa concert incurred a staggering cost of almost $180,000, equivalent to about GH₵2,168,256.60.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Okay FM, Sonnie Badu, who pulled off a successful concert at the Grand Arena of Accra International Conference Centre on December 9, 2023 clarified that contrary to news circulating that he sold his Rolex watch to solely fund the concert, that was inconsistent because spent more than that .

“I didn’t sell my Rolex watch for my concert. that’s an insult to almost 180,000 US dollars I spent, a lot of money. Some of the sponsors let me down. I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to what I used the Rolex money for because that’s not their business, the business is the concert which is done.

A lady interviewed me and asked me what are the ups and downs you went through, that’s when I said I sold my Rolex watch but some media that concept differently. I really spent a lot in this concert.”

“My wife wasn’t happy about it because I bought that watch for my first son and it was just for him but I had sell the Rolex watch but not for the whole concert but for other stuffs.”

Sonnie Badu expressed disappointment in sponsors who failed to fulfill their commitments, citing challenges with key figures such as Dr. Kweku Oteng whom he had a longstanding relationship with.

Despite prior assurances of sponsorship, the gospel singer revealed that, Dr Kweku Oteng did not respond to his calls or messages, leaving him in a challenging financial position.

“Dr. Kweku Oteng wasn’t picking up my phone calls, though he promised to be a part of it (sponsor) but he still didn’t pick up my phone call. I even posted him on my Instagram page but still nothing.

I appreciated a few people and rejected some and this is what gospel musicians go through, I advocate for my people.

“I’m not an ordinary Ghanaian and can’t just mention Dr. Oteng’s name just like that because I’ve honoured Dr. Kweku Oteng more than any other person in Ghana.

I honoured him at the city capital in Atlanta Georgia. So we have a relationship, I gave him loads of awards and he let me down. He then promised to show his support, I called him several times but he didn’t pick any of my calls and I needed to make some payment.”


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